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QUESTION: Hi, thank you for any inforrmation or advise you can provide ,this is my problem ,bike m109r 2009 18000 miles   drives great this is my second m109 , but once in a while( not ) often, while  in first gear and stopped and  letting clush out slowly bike bucks,  feels like gears not catching ,

ANSWER: Hello George,

This "problem" mainly occurs when you stop the bike with higher than 2nd gear engaged.
Then, as you try to shift down to first, the gears can not synchronize as long as you're standing still, and don't engage properly.
This happens to all motorcycles, due to the nature of the "constant mesh gearbox", but especially to those with an easy and weak shifting mechanism.
When you stop with a high gear, first choose neutral, release the clutch momentarily and then shift to first gear.
There is always a possibility that there is a real problem on your bike though...
If you think that I missed something, or if you try the above and the symptom persists,
feel free to come back any time.

Best Regards,

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QUESTION: Hi lazaros  , I'm an older biker so I  alwas down shift to first gear comint to a stop,and I've had this bike a wild, i believe your second suggestion is more likely,  it hardly happens and the bike rides great so I'm a little confused , do you think its the  gearbox, transmission, drive shaft ?, what should i look for ?  And how concern should I be . Thank you for advise lazaros

Image A
Image A  

Image B
Image B  
Hello George,

Looking back at your question, I saw "FEELS like gears not catching", and maybe I didn't
quite understood your problem. Is there a noise along with the feeling? Something like gears don't engage correctly, something like grinding? If yes, the cam stopper spring and the cam stopper (#11 and #10 on image A respectively) should be checked. If there is a loud cracking noise and the bike kicks, the output cam dog and it's spring (#4 and #6 on image B) in the secondary drive gear might be the case.
If no noise, and it more feels like a sudden loss of power, first check oil level (shouldn't be higher than upper level, best 2/3 to 3/4 between lower and upper). Does the bike move freely back and forth when the problem occurs? Does it by any chance happen after long downhill ride?

Please provide as much info as you can, no matter how irrelevant it should seem.


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