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I know you do virago and its a yamaha but i have a 2005 yamaha roadstar 1700. my problem now is bad fuel mileage. on a whole tank on the highway 90 miles and forget the city right now a half a tank is 30 miles..
changed stock filter to k&n, re-jetted carb with the dynojet kit and pipes to cobra slip ons. i know i'm supposed to loose some mileage but.......
more history
started loosing power only when i tried to go past 70mph if felt like i was pushing it. i thought it needed to be jetted a gain , they did it maybe an improvement but no go(mileage still good). then another guy told me its the clutch changed that and still no go. went to another guy and he said the manifold is crack and sucking in air, changed that and the bike has its power back but the now the bad gas mileage. so forums are say wrong jets and so can you please at least guide me in the right direction.  
p.s. also what happens now if i'm at a high speed and i back of the throttle its almost feels like im braking without braking or hesitating...lot of info i hope.
thanks tony

OK. It sounds like the bad Manifold was the cause to begin with.
The re-jetting you had done the second time might have been copensating for the
vacuum loss. And now the manifold is fixed, its now running to rich.
I think replacing both the manifolds and O-rings would be Best.
Then go back to the Original DynoJet Setup. E-clip back were it was per Instructions and the Main Jets also Listed in the Dyno Instructions for Modified or Slip on Exhaust.
Test for Vacuum leacks with a few burst of starter fluid around the manifolds and throttle blade shaft seals.  

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