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Could you please help me I am buying my husband the Honda vfr400, but it needs a choke cable, will it still start without one till I can get one??? Need advice asa as have minimum knowledge about bikes and don't want to ask my hubby as its a surprise. Thanks

Tracy, you didn't mention the year of the bike, so I am winging it here. has one for a 1991 edition, apparently.   Part number is 17950-MR8-000

Because the bike has carburetors, not having the function of the choke cable can make starting the bike very difficult. The choke system is an enrichening system which adds fuel and extra air when engaged, not a flapper valve type which cuts off the air temporarily to richen up the cold mixtures. The cable on the handlebar reaches down and engages linkage which pulls the four enricheners open. There is no accelerator pump to help add fuel in when you twist the throttle, so I'm afraid that there may be some disappointments at start-up time, unless the bike was rejetted to make the low speed circuits offer more fuel.

Check with your seller to see if he is able to start the bike w/o the starter circuits engaged. Maybe he knows a trick or two to get it going when cold.

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