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QUESTION: Recently had the pipes replaced by the Dealer with Cobras.. Noticing a faint "whirring" sound from the engine while in gear. Don't know if I'm just hearing a different sound because of the new pipes, or if it could be something else. Otherwise, the bike seems to be running fine.  Any idea what it might be??  Thanks!

ANSWER: Hello Chuck,

Maybe, if you'd let me know what your bike is, I could help...


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QUESTION: I had put the bike type in the subject line.. Anyway, It's a 2000 Honda Shadow 600 VLX..

Thanks for your help..

Hello Chuck,

Sorry, but I could only see "2000".
To our case now, your engine has a known "noisy" clutch hub, but with no side-effects.
It gets noisier if the oil level is low or excessively high.
To make sure if this is our case, start the engine and before it gets warm,(keep it in neutral) hold the throttle just a little higher than idle, press and release clutch consecutively and observe your engine sound. If it is the above mentioned "problem", you should hear that whirring sound when clutch is depressed.
If you hear this noise while on the move though, that's another story...
It could be an overtightened or uneven worn drive chain/sprockets.
First ask someone (about your weight), to sit on the bike. Check tension. Should have at least 15-20mm slack.
Next, ask him to slowly move forth by feet while still sitting on the seat(CAUTION!!! Engine OFF). Using a long screwdriver (not your fingers!)check again consecutively, while the bike moves, for two full turns of the chain. If you have a proper stand/jack/lift, you can do this by lifting the rear wheel and turn it by hand. No matter how tight the chain is, it must be even at all positions. If not, you'll have to replace chain and sprockets.
Good Luck. Come back anytime...

Best Regards,

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