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I have a 2004 Suzuki 1500 Intruder that would not turn over but I had good battery so I tried tightening the decompression cable and it turned over and started up no problem but after a few days I went out to start it and it just clicked when I pushed starter switch. I tried again later that day and same thing but the next day when I tried it it did same thing but when I held starter switch in it started after bout 10 seconds. today no luck just the clicking of the decompression switch thing.

Hi James,

Make sure the battery is charged and good.
Sometimes a load test has to be done to
confirm the batteries stamina.

You can apply battery power directly to the
starter terminal on the starter to confirm
the starter is able to turn okay.

If the starter and battery and connections are
good then it might be the starter relay is faulty.

Follow the positive battery cable to the
relay. When you push the starter button
the relay should pass battery voltage
from the battery to the opposite side of
the relay which goes to the starter.
It is just a power relay between battery and

If it does not pass the power through then
either the relay is faulty or there is
a problem with the starter button
or wiring not activating the relay.

Much of this can be checked with a test light
or multimeter.

Some starter buttons pass power to the relay
to activate it and some work on the ground
circuit instead. A fuse check is also a good idea.

If the problem is too much compression
then try removing the spark plugs
and see if turns over then.
If so the decompressor cables may need adjusting
or the starter may be weak and need a rebuild.


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