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choke port I was talking about
choke port I was talki  
QUESTION: Hello, I have a kawasaki ke100 1986 that wont run it started off as a broken kickstart shaft then head gaskets then point as of right now I have perfect compression and fuel flow my question is for one thing is yellow spark enough to make it run second is when I choke it the gas squirts out of the choke port, I have no idea why it would do that,do you because I need it running asap so I can get it tagged to drive to work

steel ball
steel ball  
ANSWER: Hello Nick,

First of all, the choke "port" I see in the picture, isn't a port.
It's a machining hole, used by the factory to reach and create the actual port...
Then it's pluged by a steel ball, like from a ball bearing.

So, what you have to do is, measure the inside of the hole and find a steel ball that tightly fits. Push it in with a small hammer just a little past the center and then secure it by a center-punch (see attached drawing).

If it still doesn't start, close the spark plug gap to 0.5mm and try again.
Get back to me with results to carry on troubleshooting as/if required.

Best Regards and Happy New Year,
Lazaros Ampatzidis.   

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks but that didnt work but I still refer back to my original question about if it will run with yellow spark  + any other advise you might have

Happy New Year,

Generally yellow spark means weak, but on bikes with magneto ignition, yellow spark is present at very low rpm and kick starting condition, without suggesting malfunction.

So, the test is more gap-dependent than color. If it is able to give 5-6mm spark, it should also be able to ignite. Test it without spark plug cap, and if you can't get at least 5mm-long spark,it won't start.
Disconnect ignition switch and kill-switch, and try again. If you still get weak spark, check ignition timing. This procedure requires pro-grade tools, such as strobe lamp and dial gauge.
There are two ways to adjust timing and contact breaker opening. By degrees, with a strobe light, or, by piston position, with a dial gauge that fits the spark plug hole. You will also
need an analog multimeter to test ignition and stator coils.

If it comes to timing check and/or adjustment, get back to me, with the following info:
Which of the above mentioned tools you have or you can get, and VIN number. If you are sure what model is your bike (Australia, United Kingdom or U.S.A.) VIN is not necessary.

Best Regards,

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