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I have a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50 (20,000 miles) that just started making a "chirping" or whistling noise at 45mph - 50 mph.  At lower speeds the noise goes away.. The noise is intermittent, not constant. Bike performance does not seem affected in any way-- just the noise when I hit 45 mph. In researching it on the internet, it appears that others have experienced the same, but no answers.  Any idea what it is that's causing it, and how to fix??


Hello Chuck,

The specific model didn't sell in Greece where I'm living.
I have never seen it up close.

Despite that, I've done a little research on your behalf.
If you want me to assist you on troubleshooting, it would be my pleasure.
Follow the below guidelines, write down the results and let me know.  

First of all, we have to be certain, if the sound is speed or RPM-dependent.
For that reason, drive the bike up to 45mph on fourth gear, and see if it occurs at the same speed or lower.
Next, when you hear it, slightly activate your brakes, one at a time, without backing of the throttle and see if the sound goes away.

Ride the bike again up to the speed at which the sound stops. Pull the clutch, release the throttle and see if the sound comes back when the speed drops to 45-50mph.

Come back with the results and the VIN#, which I need for further research.
(i.e. if it is a California model, there's more to take into consideration)

Best Regards,

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