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My carb second one in on passenger side started leaking pretty bad and now it just pours out the tube under the bike. Will Sea foam help or if not is there a fix I can do without taking it to a pro or without having to take the entire six carbs out. Another question - what is the most over haul you can do on the carbs intact without having to remove them? Thanks Jan, Mark

I'm assuming you mean the right side as you sit on the bike, as passengers typically sit behind you?  If you're in the UK the passengers in a car sit on the left, in the US on the right, but I'm guessing your're from the US because the gas here is so bad, most CBX issues in the US are related to the crappy gas sold here.  Unfortunately the needle jet on that carb is not sealing properly allowing the bowl to overflow.  I have heard of some people having luck by blowing some air down the fuel line and dislodging whatever is stopping the carbs from leaking, or even putting some carb cleaner down the fuel line , but there is always a chance of something else letting go when that is tried, so care has to be taken but it's worth a try if everything else is working OK with the carbs.  You can take the tops off the carbs while they are in place and adjust the needles, but anything to do with the bottom of the carbs apart from the outer ones, 1 and 6, is going to require taking them off.  There are discussions on various web sites about carb work, I would recommend a booklet from Mike Nixon and his services are described on
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