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i have a honda cbr f4i 1000 and whenever i shift to 2nd and hit it,it fall back and neutral,but if i ease and 2nd it will go,but when i shift to 3rd and hit it fall back to neutral too but if i ease into 3rd it will go. I need to know why it's falling back and neutral when i shft to 2nd and 3rd gear that's the only to gears it's doin it and

First of all this is not a question about a Honda CBX, so not my area of expertise.  However I am familiar with this type of problem.  It sounds like a selector fork in your transmission is either worn or bent.  This is an expensive problem to fix, since it will require engine stripdown.  Treat the bike gently and change the oil, see if you can find any metallic powder in the old oil when you change it; there is no magic easy solution, sorry.

Good luck,  Jan

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