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Motorcycle Repair/84 sabre v65 vf1100s carb or fuel issues


Got used found carbs flooding, rebuilt carbs checked floats and adjustment. Still have flooding issue. Removed fuel pump (aftermarket supplying 4psl) gravity feeding fuel and the motor seemed to run OK for 10-15 min. So I'm  thinking carbs may need adjusting but is not my main issue. I've looked to find the factory fuel pressure but have been unable to find the spec. I have also noticed that the fuel pump turns on when I hit the starter and then stays on, I thought it was a pulse system so you only got voltage when motor was turning not constantly after engaging the starter. No power when you turn key on only after starter is pressed.

What kind of Carb Kits did you Install? K&L?
You cant really depend on the float adjustments with the carb kits sold now days.
You have to clear tube test each bowl to see the fuel levels and adjust accordingly.
2 to 4 lbs. is about the pressure of most low pressure fuel pumps.
Normally the pump comes on when the ignition switch is turned on, then the pump builds pressure and a pressure switch should shut it off. This switch is sometimes built into the fuel pump, others have what is called a black box that is a pressure regulator.
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It seems to me the pump should shut off at some point.
Have you tried asking for Help from a Forum? My carburetors Needle Valves Seat against 4 lbs. of Pressure Nicely. That's what pressure I test my fuel levels with.
It could be the wrong fuel pump, and the wiring could be an issue also.

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