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QUESTION: I have a CB77 305 - 1966 and the carb slides stick unless the carbs are loosened to the point that they have a vacume leak.  Is there a fix for this?  I have a couple sets of CL77 carbs, could I try those slides for fitment or are they different.  Thanks.

ANSWER: David, the carb bodies are basically the same for CB and CL models, so you can interchange parts, other than the jetting.

File the flanges flat, replace the o-rings with the 260-004 code parts (not PF0-000) in carb bodies and insulators. With carb bodies off the bike, run the slides up and  down inside the bodies to establish where the wear pattern is taking place then use some emery cloth to work down the high spots. Test and repeat the process until the slides will drop down by their own weight.

The coated alloy slides are less likely to stick then the early chromed brass slides.

Bill Silver

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QUESTION: Where should the two vent holes near intake & the one on top of the motor go to?  I have tubing for them but where/how should I end the run?

David, the top vent tube is the crankcase breather tube and should run down the back side of the motor, left of center, into the little slot in the top transmission cover and then turn 90 degrees and lay down with the end pointed towards the drain hole in the crankcase valley.

The two intake vent fitting tubes can just hang in space. They originally connected with a Y fitting and then hooked up to a small fitting on the air filter. They do not have manifold vacuum on them, so are basically just a vent hose.

Bill Silver

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