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I am so lucky to have found you.  Not only a Yamaha man but Virago!!!!

I also love Virago's.  I have always wanted one and my first bike had to be one.  I bought that bike a few weeks ago.  I bought an 1100 1995 Virago with only 5700 miles on it.  I bought it from a consignment shop.  They sell the bike for a private owner and repair the bikes.  I was told this bike had the tank removed and cleaned up, the carbs were cleaned and sync'ed, and the bike was freshly tuned up.  I was not allowed to ride it since they didn't want to risk a spill before I owned it.  It did start, rev, idle and they drove it around for me.  It seemed awesome.  

I picked it up on a Saturday with my trailer.  I didn't ride it until Monday.  I had to get tags and insurance.  On Monday, I excitedly got on the bike and drove it 3 miles to the gas station.  Put in 93 octane, not sure if that was too much.  I drove the bike for 10 more miles.  It was great.  Then it started hesitating, falling on it's face, backfiring at crusing speed and acceleration.  I hurried home.  

I figured it was bad gas, sitting too long, something like that.  I drove it again.  I put on 30 miles with it backfiring occasionally.  I put in Seafoam.  It seemed to get better.  Still it was not right.  I called the shop that sold it on Wed.  They told me to bring it back, but before I did, I looked the bike over.  I found the throttle linkage bracket lost two screws and the third one was almost all the way out.  I told the guy at the shop.  He fixed that up and told me he never had that loose.  If he didn't I have to wonder if he cleaned the carbs.  

Now it runs good, he sends me away but make it clear I am paying for any repairs from here on.  it was an AS-IS sale.  

The bike seems to backfire a lot sometimes and not at all other times.  However, It seems to have some super power at times that it lacks most of the time otherwise.  It always starts right up.  I decided to pull the plugs.  They were NKG heat range 7.  The front cylinder is fouled real-real black, with soot.  Not wet at all.  The rear plug is nice and clean.  I replaced the plugs with NKG heat range 5 since they didn't have 6.  The lower number the higher heat range on NKG, they say.  The bike ran beautifully.  Power like never before.  Within 20 miles, the front plug fouled again.  Just changed that plug again last night and drove to work today.  I am now slightly backfiring at accel, decel, and cruise.  Also at any RPM.

In a nut shell:

The front plug is sooting up.  This happens fast.

The bike back fires from the front cylinder, it is flames of white or blue at times.  Sometimes no flames.

The power comes and goes.  Mostly it seems to be running on one cylinder.

I noticed that the pilot valve screw on the front cylinder is supposed to be recessed in a housing area.  This housing area is broken, like the screw got stuck and the casting broke off.  It is not leaking.  I can turn the screw pretty easily.  It was set about 2.5 turns.  I set it back there.  

I think it seems like timing or spark problems, but I don't know.  

What do you think I am dealing with?  Is it the spark controller?  Is it the carb?  

Also, what do you charge for a replacement carb for this bike? How do I get ahold of you to get one?



First I think your dealing with a Carb Issue. The Guy that Sold it to you said he Cleaned the Carbs. He most likely installed the Main jets backwards.
You can Check out my Website:
I can do a Professional rebuild on that set, or Sell you a Set.
Contact info is listed on my Website. I'd be Happy to Help you get her Running Perfect...

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