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Understand may not be you area of expertise, but wondering if you could point me in right direction with electrical issue I am having.  I am restoring the bike which only has 2000 miles on it.  Bought new battery and charged up, but when I hook it up, I have no lights anywhere.  I can start the bike.  I have power to the ignition switch and then back out when I turn key on, but that is where I have trouble finding any issues. Fuse is good.  Any help where to start looking would be appreciated.

What model year is yours Rob ? And does the brake light work ? Usually it is off a different circuit than the actual lighting. If the harness is in good condition and everything is connected up then in the early 1970's model there is a resister in the line from the magneto. Check the dark green lead from the magneto where it connects to a short lead going to a green with white stripe wire in the harness that feeds to the on/off connection on the light switch. If the resister is blown, then the whole lighting circuit will be dead. Hope that helps.  

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I can answer restoration questions specifically about the Suzuki GT750 Water Buffalo/Kettle/Water Bottle which was made between 1972 and 1977. I may also be able to assist with some restoration questions on the Suzuki T500 made between 1968 and 1977. I will not answer questions about other makes or models. I focus on restorations - I not especially interested in 'non-stock' restorations or rebuilds.


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