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QUESTION: i have a 19991 suzuki intruder 1400 that i got from my stepdad that sat in storage for 3 years when i went to get it the clutch was sticking and when i tried to start it it had no power at all. i got the bike home took the cover off the clutch, found the gasket sucked in and very little fluid. noticed wiring to clutch switch had been altered. fixed those wires and replaced the main and ignition fuses. had power again bike would barely turn over but mostly make a clicking noise. what could be the problem?

ANSWER: Hello David and Happy New Year,

Clicking noise comes from the starter relay and means lack of power. It may be due to bad or discharged battery, corroded or greasy battery terminals, bad connection at battery ground or main fuse. If the panel lights go completely off  proportionally to the clicks, it could be a shorted starter motor. Combination of part or all of the above is also possible.

Bear in mind that even if you resolve the electric problem, without cleaning the carburetors
it is almost certain that the bike won't start. Due to prolonged inactivity, the gasoline residue
clog the fuel jets. And you could hardly find a bike with more difficult carbs to remove, reinstall and synchronize, than the intruders.

Don't hesitate to get back to me for any more info and/or help.

Best Regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What can you tell me about the hydraulic clutch sticking?

Sorry, I didn't quite understood, thought you've already solved it.

Well, you have to replenish the fluid reservoir and bleed the system. If it is stuck pressed in, let it stay with the fresh fluid for a couple of hours, remove the clutch lever and pull back the piston with pliers. Reinstall the lever and try. If it still sticks, the whole clutch cylinder must be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. It may also need piston and/or seals replacement. Beware of, commonly available, silicone based brake and clutch fluids.
Do NOT use it on your bike. Silicone based fluids will swell the seals, and make it stick again. Use only DOT4 Motorcycle Brake Fluid from a sealed container.

This video:  shows how to replace the piston. Doesn't mind that it's about brakes, it's the same process.

This video:  shows how to bleed the system.

Clarification Note: None of these videos is made by me, nor I take any credit for them.


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