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QUESTION: my motorcycle was running just fine. had minor oil leak but I CHECKED the oil often and kept it full. then one day i was riding it and I lost power. it was a challenge to get it above 30 miles per hour and at 30 it started to bogg out and lose speed. But I had to get home so I kept going. Then it happened. The bike went up in smoke. Tons of smoke from the exhaust and some from the motor itself. when I pulled the bike over liquids started spilling out quickly.  what is wrong with it?

ANSWER: Its just an educated guess at this point.
It sounds like the Oil Pump may have went bad causing low oil pressure
and minimal lubrication of the engines internal parts resulting
in the lose of power. The lack of lubrication either due to a faulty oil pump
or other caused friction and heat. It sounds like broken oil and compression rings.
Some times when this happens the engine siezes up and wont turn over.
Or it scares the cylinder walls so bad its an expensive repair..
Some call this an Engine Burn up.

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QUESTION: What would you reccomend I do?  Find a whole new motor?  Do you have any suggestions on where i can get a motor for a 1986 suzuki gs550es?

If your Mechanically Inclined. You might remove the engine.
Purchase a Clymer Repair Manual or Ther brand manual.
Tear the engine down and inspect the cylinders and rings. as well as the valves.
I would go this route. Tear it down and see what happened.
It may just need new rings installed.
You can do an Internet Search of Motorcycle Salvage Yards for an Engine.
I just rebuilt a 1983 XV750MK and its not easy or Cheap.
You can watch Ebay for an Engine. It may be as easy to Purchase another
Bike and use the engine. I wish I could tell you a quick fix.
But there just isnt one...

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