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Hello Lazaros,First of all,really cool name.I have asked you a question in the past about my 2014 Honda CRF250L;and your advise was great (strange noise).What is your advise about Teflon-based oil additive called , (slick-50)? I've used it in cars before;don't know if I should use it in bike? Thanks,mike

Hello Michael and welcome back,

I would never suggest long-term oil additives containing PTFE in a motorcycle engine.
The reason is that, PTFE is a solid ingredient that's supposed to form a coating on the moving parts and reduce friction. So far so good.
BUT, if it can stick on high pressure - high friction surfaces, imagine what it can do to oil passages, jets and filter, where low pressure and no friction is present...!

I've never taken the risk to try it, especially in high performance engines.
Bear in mind that, DuPont Company, the inventor of PTFE does NOT recommend it as an oil additive.
The fact that no major motor-oil company and no top-ranking motorcycle racing team actually use products of that kind, is the most reliable proof.

The way to go is, high quality, premium motorcycle oil and frequent changes.

Best Regards,

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