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Lazaros, I have a 2014 Honda CRF250L dual-sport,that I bought brand new,abought 6 months ago.When I stall it,it makes a ringing sound.Kind of like if you were to spin a jar around in circles with a steel ball bearing in it.It has done this since new.I would just like to know if this is a normal sound.I only hear it when I stall.Everything seems to be working well.The only thing is, sometimes its hard to get in first gear without rocking bike back and forth a little. Thank You,Mike

Hello Michael,

Let's make a test! With the engine off, put the bike in 4th gear and push it backwards hard.
If you hear the same noise, don't worry.

It comes from the electric starter. When the engine stalls, usually can't beat the last compression stroke and turns backwards for about half a turn, forcing the one-way starter clutch to engage and in turn force the starter motor to spin backwards, making that creepy sound.

As for the gear box... that's the price you pay (we all) for making the engines smaller and smaller and the power output larger and larger...
In order for these tiny little gears to withstand the huge (compared with their size) loads,
they have very tight tolerances at the point of mesh, which makes it hard to engage when they're
not spinning with about the same speed (when the bike is standing still for instance).

I believe I covered the subject(s), but if you need further explanation for this or any other
"problem", don't hesitate to get back to me...

Happy Riding and Best Regards,

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