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I've had the atv for maybe 3 days now. I bought it from an 80 year old retired VET and all he used it for was riding around his land and checking his mail. When I picked it it started up no problems aNd I rode it a little before loading it up into my truck. I got home and fired it up and really opened her up. After about 15-20 min I stopped it. I tried to start it and nothing. I thought the battery was dead so I bought a charger.come to find out he had a lawn and garden battery on since 04/12 . So I decided to get a new battery and it would not start . That was before I knew there was a blown  fuse I jumped outand it would crank and start with no problems.I bought my family and I drove 3.5 hours to a family members house and I took it down and load and behold nothing. I jumped it again and it turned on. Aftertalking to wife's uncle we decided it was a fuze . Sure enough the solenoid fuse  was busted. I put a new fuze in and boom started right up. After a few Hours of it being on and off it shit the bed again. Couldn't get it to start with out jumping it. The lights turned but would not start. I literally bought a brand new battery a few days before. And only ridden a few times and all the fuzes were fine. Then was just no charge on the battery so I guess my question is what can be cause my battery to be draining so quick even when it's off and not running? Shoume the atv at all be charging some of the battery when I'm riding? The solenoid is fine and so is the spark plug ,air filter,and fuzes in other areas . I'm thinking it's a short some where. Idk. I don't have allot of money to take it to A Real mechanic so if you can understand where I'm coming from it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.I'm basically using this for myself and son to go fishing. I have torn tendons and ligaments from the service and it's very difficult to walk for long periods of time.

It Sounds like there may be a bad, or loose connection at the starter.
Or the Starter is pulling to many Amps.
You may need to add a extra ground wire from the frame to the batteries ground.
Amp the Positive starter cable. The Max Amps should be stamped on the side of the starter.
Everything leads me to think it a starter issue.
When jumping the battery you double the amp rating.
If the Battery is not charging while your riding it. It could be an issue with the Stator. This is what charges the battery.
You can test this by checking the voltage at the battery terminals with a volt meter.
It normally takes around 14 volts to keep a 12 volt battery charged.

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