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Hi, bought a CB1100 RC late last year and have done some maintenance on the bike during the winter. The bike was running rich, black plugs and exhaustpipes and seemed to "hesitate" when revving from 6500 rpm and more. I have found that the inlet cam chain was not adjusted properly, otherwise it was ok. Leak-down test was fine, valve gaps in spec. Carbs taken apart and ultrasonic cleaned, properly jetted. The throttle needles shows no wear. Now to my question, with new original float valve needles, what float level should it be, as measured from the float to the carb body with the carb angled so the float just touches the valve needle.

I normally set the float heights to 15.5 mm, this is also where the floats look level with respect to the bowl upper edge.  Make sure you used original Honda float valve needles or very good aftermarket ones to save headaches in the future...
Cheers,  Jan

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