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Thank you for your time!
I have a 1983 Honda 550 nighthawk   is it pos or neg Gound
(2) if the battery is hook up and the stator is unpluged and the ign switch is off , using an ohm meter with the neg lead hook to the engine or ground I get a very high reading on all 3 yellow wires
does this mean the stator is shorted or ground out ?

Battery can be full charge then I go for a ride say 10 miles  head gets brighter after 1500 rpms everything working fine Get home shut bike off and not enough juice in battery to restart bike headlight very dim thank you again ..hope you can help me !!

Hello Gayle,

All bikes, except some old British-made, have Negative(-) ground.

1)Normal measurement readings at the stator: Multimeter set to highest Ohm range. Any of the three yellow to ground= infinite. (Any actual resistance reading means coils are shorted). Name the three yellows a,b,c, and measure the resistance between pairs. Multimeter set to ΩΧ1.
a-b, a-c, b-c,= 0,1-0,8 Ohm. Polarity doesn't matter.

2)Battery connected, stator disconnected and start the engine. Set the multimeter to at least 100VAC, connect to any two yellow wires, rev the engine at 4000rpm and watch the reading. It should be 40VAC or more. Continue and check all pairs (a-b, a-c, b-c). Polarity also irrelevant.NOTICE: AC voltage, if you set to DC you'll get zero reading.

3)Everything connected, battery fully charged, multimeter set to at least 25VDC and start the engine. Lights OFF, engine at idle and measure battery voltage. Should be 13,8 to 14,8VDC.
Lights ON, engine at 2000rpm. Should be more than 14VDC.

Perform these measurements, Gayle and get back to me with the results, for troubleshooting
and further advice. Good luck.

Best Regards,

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