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Okay my i have got my honda running very weak when I give it gas it dies.  How ever when running I put the hi lo beam switch for the head light in the middle it revs up then if u put the turn signal on either side it goes to for rev if I give it gas at this point it will die. The battery is no good just need to know where to check for problems first. Where does the bike get the power to run lights with out a battery. I am new to bikes and would like to fix this myself

Tim, these bikes only have a 6v electrical system and when the batteries start to die or your charging system isn't keeping it up properly, the rest of the bike suffers.

If you had a 1981-82 model, it would have a 12v battery, instead. Your battery number is 6N5.5-1D. Batteries usually only last about 2 years, even if kept in good condition.

Instead of chasing symptoms, replace the battery with a brand new one and then see if all of your issues don't just go away, assuming that your fuel system is clean, the engine is sound and your wiring is all in good shape.

The ignition coil isn't getting enough voltage to properly fire the spark plugs with your old battery in place. That is what is causing the misfiring and poor running issues.

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