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Hello. I am actually choosing my first bike which is a '75 FLH electraglide (I am used to car work and am mechanically inclined and a very patient individual) and I understand it cant just be rode without maintenance but what I wanted to ask is something I havnt got a straight answer from anyone about and that is tools.. I plan on actually using the bike and enjoying it, anything from visiting family 140 miles away to in a few years hopefully sturgis which rests right at about 1500 miles. What tools should I have with me on long trips or just ingeneral. so far I have compiled a few items being Torque wrench, Sandpaper (for plugs) and a full standard socket set. Any extra suggestions?

It doesn't matter what tools you take with you, when you break down the tool you need is at home! lol
I would add a set of wrenches and well as screwdrivers. If your bike has points I would switch it to electronic ignition. Less problems than points.
Good luck and happy riding

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PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION!!! I CAN ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT HARLEYS !!! I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT OTHER MODELS!!! IF YOU ASK A QUESTION ABOUT A NON HARLEY BIKE IT WILL GET REJECTED!!!I have a Harley only shop with 30 years experience located in Ohio. We specialize in complete and total repair, restoration, hi-performance, and custom bike building. I can work on Flat Heads to Twin Cams. Please, dont ask how much somthing is going to cost to fix. Labor prices differ all over te country as well as shop to shop!


If its broke on a harley we can repair it. We do complete restoration from the frame up, engine and trans rebuilding, remapping and custom bike building

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