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Should I rebuild my carbs? My bike had 0 power, couldn't go faster than 40 while flooring it. I figured it was the carbs because I stored it all winter and didn't do anything to winterize (I thought I would ride more, ended up not). I took it apart and found an air cleaner hose badly cracked. Is this my problem? I thought it might be, but I pulled the carb anyway and funneled a little seafoam inside. I let it sit two days and drained it. It came out crystal clean and clear. So maybe the carb isn't gunked like I thought?

The bike is a 96 Honda Shadow 600 VLX. I don't really want to spend the money on new carb kits and what not if I don't have too. Plus, I don't have a manometer. Thoughts?

The 96 is a dual set of carburetors isnt it.
First off fix the air cleaner hose.
The filter is important. It creates a restriction so the vacuum from the piston can pull in the Fuel.
Removing the restriction can cause these kinds of issues, which a cracked hose will do.
Its a vacuum leak and needs to be fixed first.
Be carefull with the Seafoam. It can ruin anything thats rubber when used full strength.
I used it to soak a choke plunger and the rubber swelled up like a marshmellow over a camp fire.
I Rebuild carburetors for a Living..
Fix the vacuum leak first. Use seafoam only per Instructions.
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