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Bought my 4th GS, #2 wasn't firing as it sat and I swapped out the carb bank.  Not as smooth as my others.  Difficult opening it but returns fine.  Lubed the springs, but I'm aware they need a more thorough cleaning.  Anything obvious I'm missing?

GS1100 Bodies
GS1100 Bodies  
Hello Chris,

First off all, if the carburettors been sitting for a long time, the seals of the butterfly shafts go dry and hard and obstruct free movement.

Using a syringe or a pipette apply a few drops of lubricant (50-50% gasoline-engine oil) on each side of the shaft, on every carb body from the inside.
Hold the bodies in an upright position (check picture, red arrows) apply, let sit for a minute, turn other side, repeat.

Next comes the handlebar. It's common issue that it gets rusted at the throttle handle.
Rub the rust off, clean the inside of the handle thoroughly and DO NOT lubricate. Lubricant gets sticky with time.

Last but not least, lubricate the throttle cables with light mineral oil. Do not use so-called cable lubricants or grease. If you have a cable luber, and want to use a spray, WD40 is the way to go.

These are the most common reasons for "heavy throttle", but if you already checked and still no improvement, get back to me and I'll try to troubleshoot further.

Best Regards,

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