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My 1978 Honda 550 K 4 was running,The next day It would not Start. Battery is New. But Nothing is working. Their is NO one around here That works on OLD Bikes. Please Help. I Just Got out of service and this bike is my only transportation.It ran good for 34 yrs while in service.

Hi Freddie,

If you have no battery power check the battery cables first.
Then check the fuses. There will be a main fuse that is larger
amp rating than the others.

If you find the fuse blown you can try another fuse or
check for dirty or loose connections or if it wants to keep
blowing then put a test light in place of the fuse and disconnect
things until the light goes out. There could be a short in the
wiring or rectifier causing the fuse to blow.

The main fuse may just need replacing so try that first.
Fuses are under the side panel or under the seat in a black box.

If that is not the problem then check for spark at the spark plugs
and see if fuel is getting to the carbs, might be a problem there,
let me know what you find.


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