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Gas is coming out of my tail pipe, what could be causing this and how can I fix the problem?

carb float needle
carb float needle  
Hi Autumn,

This might be a few things. Is the engine still running normally?
If not you might have a engine cylinder that is misfiring for some reason
and dumping raw fuel into the pipes.

Check if the spark plug is wet or oily and have the engine compression checked.

If the engine runs okay then check
If the carbs are leaking it might flood the engine with fuel.
This is sometimes caused by dirt under or wear on the carburetor float needle valve(s)
You might need a carb cleaning or try tapping the carb float bowls if you see
fuel leaking there.

The fuel has to go into the engine first before it can get into the tail pipe
so this means either a misfiring engine or leaky carb needles.

Be sure it is not just a water/carbon vapour coming from the pipes, this will burn
off as the engine warms up and is normal condensation.

Might be a good idea to check your air filter etc is clean, dry.
Make sure your carb choke is working correctly.

Good luck!  

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