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I am fitting a new condenser to my HONDA CB 200 and it has two blue wires, could you please advise which one goes to the points and which one goes to the coil.
The existing one has been soldered and has no bullet connections as a guide.
On the new condenser one lead is longer than the other.It hasn't arrived yet but is a genuine Honda one.
Your help is appreciated.
Best regards, John.

John, the condenser is just a bridge between the two components, so electrically it doesn't matter which one connects to which item.

see  for CB200T wiring diagram.

From what I see one lead connector has a black sleeve on it, which is probably for heat protection from being next to the cylinder head going to the points.  Again, it doesn't make any difference electrically. Which ever leads fit up toward the components will be the right one.

Bill Silver

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