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I have a 1985 Yamaha Maxim 700 with Hitachi carbs.  The bike has been sitting for a few years. I'm trying to get it running again and decided to take the carbs out and clean them.  With instructions I got on the Internet, I have removed every thing I needed to, but am having trouble pulling the carbs from the engine body.  It won't budge at all.  Any recommendations?
But I may have a bigger problem.  When I took out the air box and filter, the filter was soaked in oil and there was oil in the bottom of the air box.  If this is a bigger problem with the engine, I may be wasting my time trying to get it running again.  What do you suggest?

Oil in the air box is not a good thing.
Before going further. I would drain the oil.
Refill with clean oil. Turn it over a few times.
Put a few drops of oil on top the pistons and the check the compression in each cylinder.
It sounds like a broken oil ring.
Here is something to help with the carb removal...

Carburetor Removal Instructions
Before you can work on your carbs you will have to remove them from the bike. Without
going into every detail, here's generally how to do it:
1. First, disconnect all the obvious stuff:
• Air cleaner pod and air boots to the frame
• Vacuum line(s) from carb holders
• Choke and throttle cables
• Fuel line
• Any other hoses or obstructions on either side of the bike that look like
they will be in the way or make it difficult to remove the carbs.
(If you think you will have trouble remembering where things go, take some digital
2. Find the round bands that secure the carbs into the carb holders and loosen them
by backing out the long Phillips head bolts.
3. Note how the carb holders are attached to the heads. They have a top bolt onto
which the carb holder slides, and a bottom bolt that goes through a hole.
4. Now for the CRUX MOVE. From the left hand side of the bike look at the top
bolt holding the front carb holder onto the head. Now with a long 10mm open end
wrench, loosen upper retaining bolt on the front carb holder. You don’t have to
remove it.
5. Using your God-given strength (if you are an atheist now is the time to
reconsider) wrestle the carbs out of the carb holders and let the carbs sit there
6. Now go to the right side of your bike and you will see that you can now access the
upper bolt of the rear carb holder. Loosen this bolt the same way you did the
front one.
7. Next, remove the long Phillips head bolts that secure the retaining bands on the
carb holders which you already loosened to pull the carbs off the carb holders.
Once these bolts are out, spread the ends of the retainers to get them out of the
way, and remove the lower bolts holding the carb holders, both front and rear.
8. Once these bolts are out, the carb holders can be slid out downward off the top
bolts which you have already loosened. Do this carefully since the carb holders
have o-rings between them and the heads and you don’t want to damage them.
9. And finally, with the carb holders out, the carbs can be removed from the left hand
side of the bike.
10. To reinstall the carbs just do these things in reverse order. You need to follow the
sequence carefully, particularly when it comes to the crux moves.
11. Have fun!

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