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QUESTION: Lazaros,

Thanks for your time (again ).  Iím working on the brakes of my 87 Yamaha Ventura Royal, XVZ13DS.  My rear master cylinders plunger was stuck in, so I removed it, disassembled it, cleaned it and reassembled it.  The plunger no longer sticks and the master cylinder moves freely.  I reinstalled it and started the bleeding process.  My manual says to bleed the front right, front left, rear brakes and then metering valve.  I started at the rear brakes, since I didnít dissemble the front.  Hopefully this is correct.  My rear caliper had some air and I bleed it several times until all I was getting was fluid and no air.  Next I went to the metering valve fitting by my handle bars.  I tried 10 times to bleed it and Iím getting nothing out of the line.  I did check the valve and it is clear and not plugged.  My manual does not say whether to use the rear brake or front brake to bleed it, so I used the rear, which was the last I used for the rear brakes.  My rear brake pedal feels spongy and does not appear to be applying properly to the rear tire (on the center stand).  Any suggestions or help?  Thank you a bunch.

ANSWER: Hello Robert,

Unfortunately, it's not correct...

As your bike's brake system is combined, you have to bleed front left calliper before bleeding the rear one and the check valve. You could skip front right calliper because it's independent but I'd advice you not to, in order for all of the system to have the same fluid quality.

Front right calliper with the front brake lever. Front left, rear calliper and check valve with the rear brake pedal.

The spongy feel on the pedal is because there is air trapped in the front left calliper and it's hose.
If no fluid comes out of the check valve's bleeder, you'll have to take it apart and clean it.

Read the manual once more carefully and follow the steps exactly.

Feel free to get back to me if you're still facing a problem.

Best Regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Lazaros,
I apologize for not reading or understanding the system more accurately.  After I sent the email, I did see from reading my owners and shop manual what you told me.  Hereís where I am at right now.  I bled the front and got some air out of it.  I bled it three times after the last air.  I bled the rear again, to make sure it was fine.  It had a bit of air at first and nothing after that.  I bled it about four times after no air.  I went to the metering valve bleeder at the handlebars.  I tried a few times and nothing came out.  The bleeder screw is not plugged.  I did notice an error on me, which was at the metering valve.  It was not tight since I messed with it before my last email.  However nothing came out during the front and rear bleeding and when I tried to bleed it.  Nothing comes out at all.  However my brake pedal is not spongy and feels right.  I canít take it for a test ride yet.  Any idea whatís up with the metering valve bleeder and why noting comes out and is this a problem?  Thank you.

Hello Robert,

No need to apologise. The manual itself isn't exactly what you'd call comprehensive.

Now, as for the check valve, it is mandatory that all air from its hose is out.

Take a piece of copper wire (1-1,5mm thick, 1ft long), remove the bleeding screw and drive the wire through the hose.

When it stops, mark the end, remove it and compare it against the hose, to see if it reached the metering valve's connector.
This way you'll see if the hose is clogged.

Most probably that's the case.

Best Regards,

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