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Motorcycle Repair/'97' vlx 600 honda shadow, fuel cut relay/fuel pump


sailor_brad wrote at 2011-01-13 00:46:08
I had this exact problem and it was the points which control fuel pressure located under the black endcap on the fuel pump. I took out the single screw, pulled the cap back sanded the points reassembled and the bike has run like a top since. My local servicer would have replaced both the pump and the relay to the tune of over $200 and change.  

joray wrote at 2015-07-16 22:56:09
Im going thru the same issue, and have just found relay is the issue. relaqy is three wire relay(shared ground) jump from middle post to one of the outher post, one goes to pump and one is relay coil, you want to jump to the one to the pump. you should get power to pump

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32 Certifications through H.D.U. At Harley Davidson factory in Milwaukee

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