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Motorcycle Repair/Starter relay for indian chief


Rick wrote at 2006-11-02 11:37:21
I experienced problems with my relay also and had it replaced once. In messing with it, I found that if I backed the relay out a bit by placing a piece of thick rubber between the relay and the mount, it made a better connection with the relay prongs. on the 2001 Scout, I found the relay by removing the tank just enough to see what I call the brain box back towards the seat. Lift that up and you can see the black box relay that just pulls out of the mount on the bottom of the brain box.

elvis wrote at 2007-09-21 01:44:00
Its actually in the middle of your tanks under where all your wires meet. You'll have  to snip the zip tie(s)holding the black box  between the tanks. Once you do that pull up on that and its on the underside

indian jesse james wrote at 2009-01-08 09:27:36
I have a 100th anniversary cheif (2001) and the relay is not under the seat.The relay should be in between your gas tanks,under the computer box.It took me almost a week to find mine.Luckily if the relay is your problem a new one only costs about $15 and is available at your local Harley dealership.If I were you I would check my ignition switch too.

Paladen wrote at 2009-04-20 22:11:56
Yep I have a 2000 Indian Chief ...Click click and  NO Start ..I traced it to the module "Thunder Heart" under the dash Panel between the tanks... small Blk relay 5 prongs Found a cross ref Number at NAPA auto Parts    #AR-606 $10  problem Solved ..think I will buy an Extra jus to Have ..To Heavy to push Start


Rich wrote at 2011-03-30 18:34:18
If you do need to replace your relay, you'll find it under the seat in the plastic box known as the ECM (Electronic Control Module).

There are some available at for under $10 if you need some. Best to always have one or two on hand just in case they go out on you. Don't want to be left stranded someplace!  

cochise wrote at 2013-02-09 12:27:01
Your relay for the Chief or scout is under the dash panel between the fuel tanks.Remove dash panel(2 allen head bolts)you will see a rectangular box says Indian on it, lift it out and look underneath it.the relay is the larger black square one. remove it and replace it.Aardvarkcycles has a good fix for that so you dont have to keep changing out relays.Which it will eventually happen again.

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