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Rob wrote at 2009-05-26 01:59:32
I know this is a VERY old post +2 years and the poster has surely fixed the issue...but i thought i'd add to this incase someone else is searching for this answer.

I have a GSX250 which has a very similar setup to the gs450. There should be a vacuum port on the inside of the carby. that is, just between the carby and the intake manifold/engine. On mine its the right side. This hose should connect directly to the petcock just behind the Fuel hose. Vacuum from the hose is used to open the petcock's diaphragm and allow fuel to flow when the petcock is switched to ON or RES. If this is not connected you won't be moving anywhere without using PRI(Prime)

Also... its crucial that the vacuum hose be connected either to the tank or at least blocked...if not you'll be sucking air straight into your right cylinder on the other side of your carby and completely screwing up the mixture. For my bike this resulted in  the bike revving far too high.

In short, make sure the vacuum hose is connected to the petcock or blocked otherwise your engine will run far too lean or not at all.

I hope that helps someone :)

gs450 cafe wrote at 2014-04-02 23:20:12
the vaccume for the petcock goes on the left hand carburator forward of the choke lever, underneath the pilot screw adjustment (if adjustments have not yet been made to the pilot/mixture screw, there will be an aluminum plug above and forward of the choke lever)

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