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Motorcycle Repair/Can't open goldwing trunk


Joe wrote at 2007-05-26 04:18:43
I just fixed this problem today, 05-25-07 on my 1991 goldwing. you must first have a 18inch long small diameter flat blade screw driver. heat the last 2 inches of the screw driver tip and bend it approx 25 to 35 degree angle. remove the 4 screws that secure the bottom cover of the trunk, and remove the bottom cover to expose the three levers and rods that connect all the pull cables, that open the side bags and trunk. If you look up from the bottom of the trunk, you should be able to see the trunk key lock assy. Now it gets hard. You should be able to open one of the side bags and look at the crome bar that is connected to the latches, and see how it operates to open the side bags. The same operation is involved in the trunk. shine a flash light up into the key lock assmy space and look for that crome latch bar. It will be hard to see, but it does cross that whole space and is routed behind the key lock assmy. Stick that bent tip screw driver up into the space. I used the route between the left lever, which is on the clutch lever side of the bike, and center lever, and in front of the key lock assmy. be careful not to bend the keylock assmy parts. Once you can see the bent blade touch the crome latch bar, push the crome latch bar towards the rear of the motorcycle. Normal operation inside that small space is the the crome latch lever rotates down and to the rear. once the crome latch lever is pushed to the rear, it should also naturally rotate downwards and will unlock the trunk. Once you have the trunk open, remove the black cover that houses the crome latch rod and latches, and see how the crome rod is operated by the key lock assmy for proper trunk lid operation. DO NOT drill a hole in the back of your trunk, like others have suggested. Once you get the trunk open, you will see how simple stupid this really is to open. I spent three days pushing that crome latch rod towards the front of the bike, and the one time I pushed it towards the rear of the bike, the trunk opened. Hope this helps others out there.  Joe

Everette Ponder wrote at 2014-03-09 20:52:39
thank you so muck for this post.  it got me out of a bind.

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