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Motorcycle Repair/timing an evo with points ignition


gary wrote at 2010-02-12 21:43:31
ok,i took your advise and won a sensor and timing plate,many thanks for your advise,they came of a 1340 evo and the seller assures me there all good and working properly,so WATS the best way to time these please,thanks again Gary.

1985fxrs wrote at 2012-08-27 15:40:50
Thanks Jonny:)  Doesn't sound to me like he asked your opinion, sounds like he wants to know how to set points timing not gap.  I have a 1985 fxrs that I converted to points as well.  My wife and I are riding to NC from Michigan.  Wouldn't want your compufire or what ever it is to crap out in the mountains 700 miles away.  At least I'll be able to get home.  

Perry wrote at 2016-03-20 06:00:52
I may be Old School but having tried a great number of after market Electronic ignition systems....and being as I don't start my Horse with my finger.........Points, though maybe a hassle are dependable and if you pay attention to Cam end play an run out and seal the points off as to prevent outside contamination,Points have never let me down, Compufire sells a good system when it is operational and have a good warranty but it does draw alota juice and can't seem to handle extended High RPMs running above 100F ambient, They just quit, with maybe a warning Burp, then its all over. When that happens you best have a good tow plan or carry a reserve Ign System. Now this is a voice of experiance. 3x.....Yes Three. Besides Comp Fire I have used *Dyna,DF and SF *Crane,SF and HI4 Now I am back to points and digg'n em.  

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