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dunbar wrote at 2013-02-22 04:51:11
the stator is simply the alternator and it charges the battery. there are many more relays on the bike that could be bad but i own a 1973 Yamaha TX which is the same as an XS650. the stator charges the battery and if you lose battery power you will lose spark. and being that it is a 70's motorcycle they use a points system that creates spark and once the battery dies it wont make spark.


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I can answer most questions regaurding rebuilding/restoring and troubleshooting vintage two-stroke bikes from the late sixty`s up until the mid eighty`s. Current two-stroke machines and tecnology is not my forte` but I will answer those questions to the best of my ability. I am most familiar with Yamaha`s RD series as well as Kawasaki models from the same era.


I have restored many bikes and worked on countless others. I have grown to be a good troubleshooter over the years and there haven't been too many problems I haven't seen, experienced or heard of reguarding two-strokes. Though not my profession, I have become very skilled in this area.

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