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Motorcycle Safety & Driveability/Emergency Braking - lay 'er down


Steve wrote at 2013-04-12 00:12:56
I was forced to lay my bike down on 4/7/2013. A vehicle left a stop sign and slowly crossed the road in front of me as I came down a hill at 40 MPH. I was 100 feet from the car when it  it crossed in front of me. I had one second to think. Rather than T bone the car I laid the bike down on its left side slid on top of the bike and pulled the bar to the right. I hung on and stayed on top of the bike until it came to a stop on the side of the road.

 There was no collision and no one was injured. Four witnesses, two State Troopers and both insurance companies stated that laying the bike down was the only alternative to avoid possible fatalities.  

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I can answer questions related to motorcycle safety: knowledge, skills, technical, or theoretical. I am especially familiar with the concepts of risk management, hazard awareness, crash avoidance, and traction management as they pertain to motorcycle riders. Please do not ask me to troubleshoot your mechanical/electrical problems ("Why won't my bike start?").


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