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Which motorcycle will handle total weight off 350kg friends
weight = 150kg + wife = 155kg + luggage = app. 350kg .
a possible touring motorcycle .
Mark Groep


This is a difficult question to answer without knowing some additional information. For example, a motorcycle that would have a carrying capacity of 350kg would be a significant size motorcycle. You didn't mention the level of riding experience you possess. A motorcycle such a Honda Goldwing or a one of the large cruisers such as a Harley Davidson or Victory requires a fair amount of rider experience to become accustomed to maneuvering it in a variety of traffic conditions.

I am not familiar with the motorcycle market and which bikes are readily available and serviceable in your country. I suggest you visit several motorcycle dealers and ask a lot of questions. Also, sit on every motorcycle that you and the dealer determine will suit your criteria. Make certain the controls are comfortable for you to operate and that the bike affords you comfort that you sustain while riding for an extended period of time. It is import that the motorcycle fit the rider. If you are riding in discomfort, you are not as able to keep your concentration on the roadway.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you a more definitive response but I hope I have given you some information you can use when you visit a motorcycle dealership.

Please let me know how you make out and ask meany further questions as you continue your search for a motorcycle.

Thank you for the question. Gook Luck and Ride Safely.

Tom Wright

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