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Motorcycle Safety & Driveability/Automated Halt Mechanism on Brakes Failure


Dear Andrew

Is the following automated system can be designed and developed in a four wheeler i.e. Car, Jeep, Truck etc  ?.

Example :

Driver is driving the vehicle at 160 Km/Hr speed on a highway.
Suddenly he/she realizes that the brakes have failed now in this case the driver has to use his all driving skills to avoid collisions and accidents.

The Automated System designed will slowly and gradually halt/stop the automobile even in case of brakes failure.

Another way is "Prevention is better than cure". A instrument control Panel indicating the possibility of brakes wear and tear out.

Is it possible to automate the motion stop operation in event
of vehicle brakes failure ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Such a system already exists on the Honda Pan European and Deauville. BMW, Kawasaki, Triumph and Suzuki also have a similar system on their touring machines. The main problem is the fact that many riders and drivers have the legal right to control their own vehicle - no matter the risk. Systems such as these go against basic individual rights by governing the actions of that individual, thus removing free choice.
If you are looking to invent a system to improve rider safety, I would suggest thinking outside the box and aiming to other road users. 80% of rider accidents are caused by a third party.

On a separate note: These questions are not why I am on I am here to promote road safety for motorcyclists safe riding.

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