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What are the do's and don'ts of recovering from a death wobble? Thanks!


Thank you for the question. First and absolutely the most important part of my response is to get training and practice to do everything you can to avoid getting into the position of causing the motorcycle to develop a death wobble, tank slapper, or head shake.

Second have the motorcycle inspected by a competent motorcycle technician to determine whether any mechanical conditions exist that would contribute to the shake.

Everything I have read advises the rider to avoid abruptly rolling off the throttle or immediately applying the brakes if a headshake develops. There are many other techniques suggested for dealing with this situation. However, please let me caution you that I cannot offer advise on something so potentially dangerous via an internet board. If you are riding a sportbike or doing track days with it, I highly suggest that you solicit the advice of knowledgeable individuals who have experience on issues such as this with your particular make and model motorcycle. At times, the installation of a steering damper device may be necessary but that should only be determined in person by a competent and knowledgeable person.

I applaud your decision to seek advice on such a potential dangerous issue. And I can't emphasize enough how important it is for you to seek the expertise in person that I am suggesting.

Please write back and keep me posted on how you are doing and what actions were determined to correct the issue.

Please be safe,

Tom Wright  

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