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I use foam ear plugs to protect my hearing while wearing my helmet. Having said that, I would like to know why I keep reading that certain forms of protection "may not be legal" in your state? I think the distinction is whether I am wearing speakers in my plugs or just sound attenuating foam. I am going to continue wearing earplugs but it would be nice to know if the state trooper is going to ticket me over this.


I also wear earplugs at all times when riding my motorcycles. I have searched for the Florida laws on this and can only find a reference that helmet speakers are allowed. Here is a link to the AMA website for state motorcycle laws.

Every medical study I have read supports the wearing of hearing protection when riding. Each state has different laws regarding this issue. Some are very restrictive while others have laws which have been updated based on medical research.

While I can't suggest that you ignore the law I do suggest that you protect your hearing.

The AMA website is a good resource for motorcycle laws when planning to travel through other states.

Thank you for the question. Please let me know if you have further questions on this.

Ride Safe and Ride Well.

Tom Wright

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