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I have now thoroughly enjoyed visiting Spain on a number of holidays on my motorbike. I would like to ride an historic bike on a similar holiday (max 3 weeks)in Spain. In the UK these machines do not require indicators or mirrors, therefore would these bikes be legal in the ECU/ Spain?

Many thanks, Sid Butler.

First of all, please accept my apologies for the late reply as I have been away for a few days on Church duties.
As far as I can ascertain from the regulations, you should be ok but I have included the relevant sections for you to double check. I am hoping to make a European trip myself next year although not on a classic Brit unfortunately - a 25 Yr. old Suzuki will just have to do! I will be thinking of you, (With some jealousy too!)

Lighting Equipment and Reflectors:
Direction Indicators
motorcycles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must be approved to EC Directive 76/759,
93/92, Chapter 2 of 97/24 or to ECE Regulation 6 or 50;
Stop Lamps and Front and Rear Position Lamps - on motorcycles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must be approved to EC Directive 76/758, 93/92, Chapter 2 of 97/24 or ECE Regulation 7 or 50;
Rear Reflectors - on motorcycles first used before 1 April 1991 must comply with the requirements of British Standard AU 40.
If first used after 1 April 1991 they must be approved to EC Directive 76/757, 93/92, Chapter 2 of 97/24 or to ECE Regulation 3;
Rear Registration Plate Lamp - on motorcycles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must be approved to EC Directive 76/760,93/92 and Chapter 2 of 97/24 or to ECE Regulation 4 or 50;
Headlamps - the regulations set minimum wattage requirements for dipped and main beam headlamps according to the cubic capacity of motorcycles. Headlamps on motorcycles are not required to
have any approval markings, and (vi) As a general condition the regulations require riders to keep obligatory lamps and reflectors clean and in good working order.

optional fitment but if fitted on motorcycles first used on or after 1 October 1978 - must be approved to EC Directive 71/127, 79/795,80/780, 85/205, 86/562,88/321,Chapter 4 of Directive 97/24 or to ECE Regulation 46.01;  

I hope this information is what you are looking for.

If you need any further info;

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