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Motorcycle Safety & Driveability/effect on bike performance when its rear tyre gaze changes


Very great day tom wright sir.sir I m ur fan as bike n tyre mechanism. Expert
I have hero rhonda 125cc glamour bike.its old rear tyre gaze is 3/18. N I got sleeped lot of times while driving on interior roads last 3yrs.that's why I wish to change its rear tyre gaze frm
3/18 to100/90/18.
Question:will I get right right decision? ,what will be the effect on my bike performance? Positive or negative?
         I m awaiting 4 ur valuable answer!
         Amol Hatnagar


I'm sorry I do not have any experience making the change in tyre size that you are contemplating.

I suggest you ask a dealer or knowledgeable person who owns the same type of motorcycle and has made that change. You are correct in checking with someone before making the change.

I'm sorry I could not give you a more complete response.

Ride Safe,
Tom Wright

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