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What is the right way to brake on a motorcycle. Is using the engine and downshifting bad on an engine?ld

The best way to brake on a motorcycle is use both brakes -- smooth, progressive squeeze on the front, squeezing harder as you slow; light to lighter pressure on the rear as you slow.

During braking, it's simplest to squeeze the clutch and downshift as you slow without releasing the clutch (engine braking). It's also less wear and tear on the engine's top end (valvetrain) -- brake pads are much cheaper and easier to replace than engine internals.

However, that said, the additional wear on the valvetrain due to engine braking is pretty minimal, and I've never heard of engine braking causing an otherwise unnecessary valve job. So it's not realistically worse for the engine, it's just a little simpler process to keep the clutch squeezed while you slow.

My personal style is to use engine braking when adjusting speed in traffic or for an upcoming curve; I do not use engine braking when I plan to come to a stop or if there is traffic behind me -- in other words, I want to illuminate the stop lamp so drivers behind me know I'm slowing.

I hope that helps!


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