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DENNIS MCNEAL wrote at 2007-10-22 21:12:35
William Roberson stated that his favorite inline-4 cruiser was the 1985 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL1000.  I have owned 2 of these bikes and still have one in my possesion. But, just for the record, the ZL1000 was not available until 1987 and was actually only made this one year. Yes, you'll hear of those 1988 ZL1000A2 models, but they are actually just toned down versions of the ZL1000A1 model, still made/sold in 1987. In 1985, Kawasaki offered the ZL900 eliminator and also in 1986. This, too, was a pavement destroying muscle bike, just like the ZL1000. I just wanted to point out to the editor, and the person who asked the initial question about inline-4 cruisers, that the ZL1000 was not available until 1987 (not 1985 as stated in Mr. Roberson's answer). Thanks and I hope this helps someone out there.

ZL900_Rider wrote at 2010-12-16 17:21:10
The ZL1000 was a 1986 model only and was never badged or marketed as an "Eliminator". The "Eliminator" name was only used on the 1985 and 1986 ZL900.

RJ wrote at 2011-04-20 18:50:15
I bought a 1987 kawasaki ZL 1000 Eliminator in Oct 2010 with 8870 original miles on it. It is black with gold lettering with Eliminator on the side cover. My close frined worked at Kawasaki from 1971 to 1993 he said they only made 250 units and is Kawasakis rarest bike and that about 50 bikes said Eliminator on the side cover.

Bill wrote at 2013-09-06 00:15:28
ya I am a inline 4 guy too and finally found a 900 eliminator but the zl1000 wasn't available till 1987 and 88 I do believe.

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