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Susanna wrote at 2007-08-22 23:24:54
I am a 50-year-old female who had only been a passenger on a motorcycle - and not in over 20 years because of my intense fear after my younger brother's terrible accident on his bike. My husband has wanted a motorcycle for years and finally I agreed to take the Team Oregon training course, just to see if I could even be comfortable on a bike at all. Well, I cannot recommend this type of course enough! They start you off from the beginning and take you baby steps through the course. It is absolutely amazing. My training bike was a 125cc which was perfect. The course work included classroom time, reading at home, and two mornings on the motorcycle. I now have my own bike - a 250cc - which is perfect in size and power for me. I am still apprehensive but not to the point of the panic I felt the first day on that bike at the course. I guess what I am saying is TAKE A TRAINING COURSE! And...know your bike...and practice, practice, practice.

Brooks wrote at 2008-05-22 02:25:15
WOW, This is EXACTLY my question also.  I am 60 yrs old and my name is Walt also, go figure.  I am looking for a motorcycle to travel back and forth to work to save gas.  Won't be doing much other riding it. Your answer was very, very helpful to me.I have not purchased a motorcycle yet, but everyone I have talked to has given me the exact same advice, Enroll in a motorcycle school.  I was was looking for advice about a Goldwing vs a smaller bike.  Looks like a smaller one for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you

gl15se2000 wrote at 2013-01-04 11:31:58
I Agree with Pat...Walt....

I have 4 bikes at this time,,,a 200 honda twinstar, 700 suzuki intruder, honda pacific coast, and a 2000 glse 1500 goldwing..An I have many extras..which add to the weight..

My book, an what I looked up online...states my bike weighs 829 lbs...that is with out extras, luggage an if so, a passenger.

AN I have read that the 1800's weigh less.

I mus admit,,I am now 49, and have been riding since about 8 yrs old.

Started  on a mini bike,, in the early 70s...had big fat tires..

Then I got a yamaha street/trail bike, 175.  that was in 1980.

I took some years in 89, bought the 81 twinstar,,,

Bought the 86 intruder in summer 89, just a few months after the twinstar. An the honda pc in spring 93...

I started riding goldwings about that time..late rallys,,when I went to a rally, I always's signed up every day..somtyms 2-3 times a day too ride..just too become familiar with the bike.   Did that for about 6 years...

Then rode my pc an intruder until just recently....

I bougth a 2000 glse 1500 goldiwng....I must admit..was quite concerned about being able too handle.... soon as I got on the worries were completely washed away from my mind...

I do from time too time..ride my other 2 smaller bikes..doing maneuvers ..then trying the same maneuvers on my wing...

I am becoming sharper an more confident on my goldwing...

So if you do have the money to purchase a smaller used bike,,

You can have a trial bike too practice on ..then experience on your goldwing..

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