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hdracer94p wrote at 2013-10-20 04:30:00
Yes Harley has a race job the XR750 for flat track racing. I'm trying to remember when it deputed late 60's or early 70's? I was just a kid then.FYI it still has the most national wins for AMA dirt track racing and still winning today for anybody who hasn't seen a flat track race go.that's real racing boys sincerely yours hdracer94p

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Pat Hahn


I can answer questions related to motorcycle safety: knowledge, skills, technical, or theoretical. I am especially familiar with the concepts of risk management, hazard awareness, crash avoidance, and traction management as they pertain to motorcycle riders. Please do not ask me to troubleshoot your mechanical/electrical problems ("Why won't my bike start?").


I'm an MSF-Certified Instructor (12 years), author of the motorcycle safety books How to Ride a Motorcycle, Ride Hard, Ride Smart, and Maximum Control; co-author of Motorcycle Track Day Handbook, and Public Information Officer for the State of Minnesota: I coordinate public information and education for the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center, a project of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. I am also communications director for the State Motorcycle Safety Administrators and serve on the NHTSA team that provides motorcycle safety program technical assessments to states.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center, State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
Check out my website at Of particular interest is "Safety Tips"

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