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Moving Furniture/Dresser through 2nd Story Window?


My wife and I recently purchased a dresser for our first nursery room, but once we got it home, we realized that it will not fit up the stairs due to a low ceiling, narrow stairwell, and a banister that makes it impossible to navigate the way we would like.

The dresser would fit, though, through the window in the second story nursery. My questions is how we get the dresser up on the roof without renting equipment. The dresser is 67" long, 36" tall, and 20" deep, so it is pretty large. With the drawers out, though, it is relatively light. My thought was to back a truck up to the house, lift the dresser from the back of the truck, and have two guys to receive the dresser on the roof. From there, we would just carry it through the window (which is definitely large enough). Any suggestions for making this easier/safer?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Doug,

You got the right technique figured out. I don't know how high it is from the "floor" of the truck but I am assuming it is reachable. You should have some furniture pads or blankets. I am guess ing you will be using a pickup truck.  Once the truck is backed up under the roof edge with the dresser in the bed, there should be a blanket laid down on the floor. The dresser (without drawers)needs to be stood on end with the "BACK" of the bureau facing the house. The edge of the roof needs to be covered by a furniture pad (doubled folded)so that there is plenty of protection. You might need 2 blankets so there is enough protection as the dresser comes up and maneuvered to get it back on its feet. Just so it doesn't get scratched while doing all that. You have to be very careful that the people on the roof DO NOT SLIDE ON THE PADS............WATCH YOUR FOOTING. Making the blankets long and narrow will help with the footing. The blankets should be a little wider than the bureau will be as it is passed up. There should be a blanket over the window edge too.

There should be 2 people in the truck and 1-2 on the roof. In the truck the 2 people will stand opposite each other. They will lift the bureau straight up then lean it towards the house so that the people on the roof can grab a hold. The "roof" people will be able to "drag" it over the edge and onto the roof. It should be placed on its feet for safety then carried through the window.

Let me know if this helps you out. Keep me posted. If anyone takes pictures of the whole exercise I would like to see them and use them in my archives. Send them to ....................



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