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QUESTION: Hello, I have We just got a new fridge which is VERY loud so we are getting a replacement.  The current fridge measures 67 1/4 H x 28 W  x  29 1/2 D (although the on-line spec states 32 D - not sure where that comes from).  The new fridge measures 67 H x 30W x 33.5 D.  Any comments on how to measure a winding staircase with low ceiling?  The previous fridge movers measured and calculated that the fridge would not get through the winding staircase, but that IS how it ended getting into the apartment.  The apartment door is 29 W - so would 29W immediately dismiss this new fridge?  or is there a way to angle it/turn it somehow?

The front door, ground level, opens up to the staircase that winds at the top.  The fridge would then go directly into the apartment.  The apartment door was NOT taken off its hinges with the deliver of the last fridge.  The apartment door opens, and there is a wall directly behind it.  At the top of the staircase there is a narrow hallway to the left and a wall on right (flush with end of staircase).  there is a banister on left.

We moved an armoire in here:  70 1/2 H x36 3/4 W  x 23 1/4 D and a couch (with some trouble):  33 H (back of couch) x 64 w (long) x 45 D.  
Thank you!  I hope to hear from you!  :)  We have to make a decision now in order to get the replacement.  Cheers!

ANSWER: Hello Sarfah,

Thanks for the good measurements and description. I do not see any major problems with getting the new fridge up the stairs although you didn't state what the stairway width was. If the stairway width is LESS than 30", it won't work. The big problem I have is with the 29" doorway. The measurements on the new fridge will not fit through. However, you would need to see if the "new" refrigerator doors are removable and if they are, what will the depth become. If it is LESS than 29" will fit. I don't see any reasons why the doors can't be taken off unless the delivery people have a problem with it.

Let me know what you can find out.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, Harry, Thank you.  
The stairway width is plenty wide enough as there is room beyond the banister (the foyer is there - air space).  The problem is in the amount of room from the dip in the ceiling (made from the additional staircase above the apartment hallway) and the top of the banister (where the stairway ends).  It might clear - difficult to say.

So, I've heard that one can cut the banister - I just checked, and it seems that there are two areas of cuts.  So I guess I would re-cut them, get the fridge in, then re-essemble the banister, wood putty the cuts to fill, and then stain.  I will assume that the hand rail of the banister and the supporting vertical wood pieces will come apart easily?  

Hopefully the fridge will fit right through.  I will make a call about the fridge doors.  I believe the other delivery people had the doors removed prior to bringing the fridge up.  Is door removal not an option on some models (or were you considering that it may be an inconvenience for the delivery people?

One other question.  It's about my couch that was crazy difficult to get into my apartment.  Some painters were here last year and EASILY moved it from one room to the next. a matter of seconds.  They  tilted it on the diagonal and got it right through.  Would you have a way of explaining how this is possible.  I'd like to move this couch out of my home and onto the street.

Hi Sarfah,

I wasn't worried about the height of the new fridge because it is about the same as the old one. I don't see why you would need to cut the banister unless it was done when the old one was moved up. It does depend on the stair width between banisters or wall. If you need to cut,
it would be best to do so where the separations are. Maybe you can make the pieces re-movable for any future moving. As far as I know, refrigerator doors are removable on just about all models. There are some large models that have electrical harnesses and tubing running inside the doors for ice makers and TV/monitor set-ups. It sounds like yours is a fairly standard model and will take basic dismantling. Some delivery people tend to have attitudes. If you are buying from a reputable dealer, you shouldn't have any trouble. If they go out of their way to make you happy you can give them a tip for their troubles. I would definitely tell the salesperson that the doors will need to be removed and to mark that down on the delivery order. That way there will be no surprises to anyone. You have to make sure that removing the doors will make the depth LESS than 29".

As far as the sofa goes, it should be just basic angling. Once the sofa is lifted it needs to be tilted over at a 45 degree angle so that the front of the sofa faces slightly down and the backside slightly up. Remove the REAR legs if possible. If it seems snug going through the doorway, the first end through should be raised high in the door opening and the other end should be kept low near the floor. As you are taking it down the stairs the back of the sofa should be over the railing as it turns.

Let me know if I can help you further.



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