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I am hoping you can help me out.  We just purchased a sleeper sofa dimensions are 81L*36D*38H. This is to go in a kids playroom in the basement however we just realized that the door opening to that room is only 30" across and 80" in height.  Do you think it will fit if we angle it in somehow?  We have 48 hours to cancel the order so thought we should get some professional advice before our window expires :)

Thank you for you time.

Loretta :)

ANSWER: Hi Loretta
Here's the thing. You said the word Basement which sometimes means there's a little more to it. So here's a check off list. First if you bought this online you'll need to find out if the legs on the sofa come off which they normally do. Also they give you the height to the top of the cushion. Find out the height to the top of the wood. See about taking the door of the hinges very easy. Are there any sharp turns to or after the entry way if so be very careful. Your ceiling might be 84 inches but your problem will be as your standing the sofa. You'll need a ceiling height off 115inches your hallways need to be 54+ if you have any sharp turns.
If the arms are lower than the height of the back and you can stand it up and IF there's room after entry Yes you can rotate it in by pulling the arm on the bottom in first once that arm is halfway in start to rotate until you have cleared the leg pick that side up and begin to lower the other side and do it again. Hope I didn't confuse you. Peace Love and Happiness

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I wanted to sincerely thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated.  The basement factor is not a huge issue...or at least I don't think it is....LOL.  

The back door where the couch would be brought into is a straight shot directly down the stairs that go to the basement so no bends or turns at all which is a good thing.  It is just the navigating through that door which is clearly smaller in dimension than that of the couch, 6" in width and 1" in height.  We are definitely going to remove the door from the hinges and called the company who said the legs are removable so keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks again for the advice.  Have a great evening!

Loretta :)

Loretta if you have the room on either side of the door after entry and the arms are lower than the height of the sofa you should be fine. The people who deliver it will know what to do. If your doing the delivery. Just stand it up and follow my directions from previous reply

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