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QUESTION: Hi there I am unsure if a sofa will fit.
My door is 75 cm width and sofa dement ions are as follows:
H 92 D 101 W 224 cm. if you could tell me how and if this would fit I would be very grateful.
Thanks Natalie

ANSWER: Hi Natalie
I'm going to try but you only gave me one piece to a puzzle. Ok so your saying your door is 29 and a half inches  wide(sorry old school)Is this the front door? Can the door be taken off the hinges? Is there a turn directly after the door or is this going straight in? Can the legs come off and can all the cushions come off?
One more big question. Are the arms lower than the back. I just want you to be careful remember you don't want the furniture damaged. So if the legs come off and all the cushions can be taken off before delivery YES it can make it. If the door can come off thats a big plus.Deliverymen can do this for no chge(they shouldnt chge).Pro's can handle this part Amateurs you'll need the camera for U-Tube. Just make sure the sofa is stood up arms facing entry.
Natalie I hope this helps if you want you can send me a pic of the sofa or more dimensions.
Peace Love and Happiness   
If the legs don't come off do not attempt.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi thanks for your quick reply! In answer to your ? Which I didn't really think about, the measurements I have  are to go into the lounge and its straight in, no turns.
But you have made me think about getting it in front door and up the stairs.
My front door  is 83 cm width and 197cm height. There is a turn to the right to get it up the stairs and the distance between the front door and the wall opposite it is 112cm and height diagonally from front door to ceiling obstruction is 257cm.  The width of stair well is 90cm.
Cushions come off, as does feet which are 6 cm in height. Arms look same height as back.
I called the company today and they said the back with no cushions or feet works out to 75 cm height.
I also slightly over measured my lounge door it's actually 74 cm width not 75 cm ( sorry new school !!!) Hope this all makes sense! I'm dizzy with numbers in my head now. Thanks Natalie ✌

Hey Natalie
You might want to consider 2 loveseats instead. Getting it through the door widths are not the problem anymore its the wall and the hallway after the front door thats a problem.The depth of the sofa is 41 inches which means the hallway needs to be about 50inches so you can turn the sofa in the hallway.
If you really want the sofa this company should have a disassembly service they use for this reason. Your not the only person that has this issue.There is a company called Dr. Sofa UK. Here it costs between 200.00 and 250.00 for disassemble and reassemble. Should be the same.
If you want to have no problems stick with sofa's that are not longer than the length of the doors. Under 197cm
Good Luck Natalie
Peace Love and Happiness  

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